Enter the dream of reality.

Phi : The evolution of consciousness isn’t like any other movie you’ve seen before. It is more of a spiritual journey than a documentary, and we think that’s just how it was always meant to be.

Phi (symbol) is the name for the golden ratio, a mathematical key which the ancients considered to be the “signature of God”. The reason for that is because everything in the natural world, from plants, animals, seashells, and even the spirals of galaxies are generated using the phi ratio in some way or another. What it teaches us is that things are self-similar; the same patterns we see at the microscopic level repeat themselves on larger and larger scales. We wanted to ask the question: does the golden ratio, the principle of self-similarity, apply to consciousness itself?

So we decided to make a movie about it.

In the fall of 2013 we packed our car full of film equipment and set off on a journey throughout north america to ask the experts what they really knew about the evolution of consciousness on earth.

We wanted to hear from all points of view, so we contacted many different kinds of people. Experts in physics, mathematics, specialists in human developmental psychology, as well as the awakened minds of gurus, healers, inventors, shamans, and many that crossed borders of both the scientific and spiritual thought frames. We asked them to share their thoughts, insights, and whispers into the collective conscious mind. What we gathered was incredibly mind opening and spiritually expansive, but it definitely lead us deeper into the mystery rather than to any defined answer.

Over the next year and a half, mark and I gradually wove together these perspectives into the narrative of our film. At the same time, we began to realize that the real lessons of the film were coming through us, directly, in the form of our relationship to each other and ourselves. What we found that the movie was saying, what we wanted to teach, is how to create the same harmony in relationships with ourselves and others that is present in the natural world. A perfect, golden ratio where we realize that the outside world, the “others” in our lives are actually a reflection of the inside, of ourselves.

It was intense, beautiful and difficult to say the least, but as the movie unfolded the answers came to the surface, the missing pieces to the puzzle were revealed, and the movie came to be what it is. The transformation we went through in the process of making this film is embedded within it, and our greatest hope is that our own revelations and lessons will be released into the collective, for the greater evolvement of human consciousness in this epic and shifting time in history.

Thank you for watching!
Mark Hemstock & Olivia Forgues