“There’s a powerful message… everyone on the planet, everyone in the world right now needs to see this movie” -Todd Ritchey, TRilluminate Inc.

PHI is a documentary about the evolution of consciousness. Take a journey with some of the world’s most renowned experts in spirituality, psychology, and philosophy as we unravel the ego, embark on a journey of self-discovery, and ultimately find and share a path to mindful existence. The film itself is an experience. One that’ll help you uncover the deepest, truest you.

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The experts

We talked to a lot of people. Psychologists. Yogis. Acupuncturists. Philosophers. Spiritual leaders. And a few skeptics too for good measure. Twenty-six experts altogether who strip down what we think we know about human consciousness and bring it back to its core: Us.

“I really think it is most important to convey my overall impression: OUTSTANDING!!!”  

-Scott A. Olsen, PhD, Author of “The Golden Section”

“Bravo to you for identifying individual and societal trauma as the main challenge for us moving forward.. Healing these traumas is front and center for me as the big challenge forward for humanity, more than tech, more than science, more than just about anything.”    

 -Bruce Damer, Systems Scientist, Levity Zone Podcast

Hear the initial reactions to the film.

“Super epic film. I like how dense it is. I can tell it will take a few watches to really absorb the massive amount of information being conveyed and it’s an honor to be included.”

Jamie Janover, The Resonance Project

“I truly believe that film will be an important piece for people in their healing in a more profound way than just watching a documentary. I think it will be something that people go back… watching PHI was a healing experience and the medicine can continue”

Katrina Forgues, Herbalist

“You wanna know what that did, is that it validated everything I feel I’m going through in my life right now, is what that movie signified… it made it ring true in an authentic way where I had tears streaming down at the end of the movie and it hit my emotions hard because, it was true.”

Ryan John Phillips, Author and Motivational Speaker

“It was so much more thought, emotion, and mind blowing, thought evoking movie that i’ve seen in a very long time… it’s imperative that we have this information coming to us right now”

Stacy Caldwell-Ritchey, Nerium International

“You are raising the consciousness of others no doubt… wow very profound… thanks for the wonderful work you have done”

Mary Ann Owens, Leadership Development Facilitator

I just finished watching your documentary and I was completely blown away. I am finishing my senior year at University and the past few months for me have been extremely difficult. Thank you for spreading this culmination of wise teachings and helping me to get my spiritual self back on track.


“Your movie is illuminating and inspiring. Congrats on creating such a phinomenal masterpiece! The stunning cinematography makes for quite the compliment to the consciousness expanding message of the film.”

Chris Tuason

“I learned that the work that I’ve been doing internally in finding my true self… I’m not alone in that. It’s a phenomenal film. It’s worth watching and it needs to be watched. World wide.”

Pete Stiles

thanks so much for doing this beautiful piece of work.  My bookclub watched it the other day and was very inspired.  I especially love the concept that the first time we reach for attachment to something not esdsential, we’ve begun the illusion of separation and started the process of losing our truest self. I’ve heard that said many times in different ways but none so powerfully as presented here.  And there were many many other gems.
Sara Kammerzell

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